Nashville, TN (May 21, 2019)
You may recognize Sean Curran from Passion Music, but this is Sean Curran like you’ve never heard him before! Sean has officially released his first single “Live Again,” a passionate song about the miracles that take place when you put your faith in God.

Sean Curran is a vital part of Passion and sixstepsrecords as a worship leader and songwriter. His first solo EP, Bigger Than I Thought, releases in June. Since 2017, Curran has been part of leading worship at Passion Conference and is featured on Passion albums, including: Follow You Anywhere, Whole Heart, and Worthy of Your Name. He is a writer on songs such asBigger than I Thought,” “Whole Heart,” “Glorious Day,” and “Step Into the Light”—a song that arrested the attention of over 40,000 college students with much anticipation and conversation after it debuted live at Passion 2019. Curran composes in such a way that his songs exist as invitations to enter into a conversation with a loving Father.

Watch the video for “Live Again” here:


“Live Again” Lyrics

God of the impossible
You know my name
You know my story
No mountain could ever stop
The plans You made
Your heart is for me

I believe in your name miracles will happen

The blind will see
The sick will stand
Sing hallelujah
With confidence
Let healing come
Let mercy in
Sing hallelujah
And live again

When the lies come from every side
To say you’re done
To say it’s over
I’ll remember the thousand times
Your love has won
This is far from over

Jesus, Jesus
Your love is breaking chains
Right now, right now

Jesus, Jesus
Your overturning graves
Right now, right now
Nothing can stop You 

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