Nashville, TN (June 3, 2022)
Christian music artist, singer/songwriter, Sandra McCracken, has released ‘Thy Mercy, My God,’ a song inspired by an old hymn book, Gadsby’s Hymns. The Nashville-based artist wrote the melody for ‘Thy Mercy, My God’ more than twenty years ago, yet she proves that some songs are timeless both musically and lyrically.

The new single boasts a beautiful and moody piano soundbed, on which Sandra McCracken’s warm vocals soar. Recorded live in Laity Lodge, ‘Thy Mercy, My God’ is part of songs which Sandra McCracken is reintroducing in a live, jazz-infused context. The artist’s signature folk voice and Americana influence seep through the track, giving it a unique flavor in today’s worship sphere. With the enduring poem ‘Thy Mercy, My God’, Sandra McCracken reveals that she is a musician by craft, trade, and gifting, but ultimately, she is a storyteller at heart.

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