Nashville, TN (June 24, 2022)
Sandra McCracken introduces her 17th and latest album Light In The Canyon recorded live at Laity Lodge in the hill country of Texas. This album gathered stellar musicians from LA, Nashville, and New York to reimagine some of McCracken’s most influential church and worship songs as well as to write new ones, putting a jazz twist on each of them. Light In The Canyon has a sonic essence of spontaneity and an old-meets-new timelessness as Sandra McCracken retells songs that span two decades of songwriting with more joy and complexity. “These songs are meant to be light and joy for the church, affirmations of the truth that does not change, and spirituals that call us to steady faith,” the artist comments. Light In The Canyon is the musical expression going alongside Sandra McCracken’s recent book Send Out Your Light: The Illuminating Power of Scripture and Song, celebrating the stories of God’s steady presence and call over the years.

Light In The Canyon marks another landmark in the Southern singer-songwriter’s prolific career. Sandra McCracken hopes these songs will endure for generations to see more of who God is and how his light illuminates our hearts and circumstances—calling praise ever back to him.

Light In The Canyon Playlists:


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