Nashville, TN (July 7, 2022)
Nashville-based hard rock band, Rusty Shipp, combines Beatlesque melodies, surf and grunge riffs, and philosophical lyrics to create what they call Nautical Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rusty Shipp has released its latest single, “What’s Kraken?,” is the band’s response to the fans who have begged the band for a song about the Kraken.

Written during the pandemic though, the song became more of a political and philosophical statement using historical news reports of “The Kraken” as a symbol which challenges our trust in truth released by the authorities, whether that be from the news, government, science, politics, or religion. Truth seems more elusive than ever during these pandemic times, and this song laments that angst while pointing our attention to the timeless truths that have undeniable proof and transcend our current circumstances.

“What’s Kraken?” Official Lyric Video:

Sonically and melodically reminiscent of grunge and post-grunge era rock in the fashion of Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, etc., “What’s Kraken?” is on Rusty Shipp’s more aggressive side with an obvious punk influence and a Van-Halen-styled guitar solo, but not without the group’s iconic surf-guitar sounds and emphasis on catchy, Beatlesque vocal lines. The single was released with an official lyric video that brings out the message behind the lyrics through animated illustrations. “What’s Kraken?” is taken from the larger story of the upcoming concept album Dark Side of the Ocean, which is being released song by song in 2022.

“The truth will always lead to love and never to abuse.
I’m holding out for some good news that’s really good and really news.”
– Lyrics of “What’s Kraken?”


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