Nashville, TN (January 28, 2022)
Still riding the wave of accolades from their previous album Liquid Exorcist—which spawned several charting singles for Christian rock radio—Rusty Shipp has just released their first new music since then: ‘Bottom of the Barrel.’ The lead single is taken from their upcoming full-length, concept album Dark Side of the Ocean, which follows an imaginative journey to the darkest parts of the ocean where mankind has never been, to find a surprise waiting there… at the Bottom of the Barrel.

“…if I make my bed in Mariana Trench, I’m welcomed to a city that’s lit—bioluminescence.”
—lyrics from ‘Bottom of the Barrel’

‘Bottom of the Barrel’ continues the nautical rock theme of the band with lyrics that follow the sinking singer down to the bottom of the ocean where his body and spirit separate. In the black of the abyss he is surprised to be met with light from the ocean floor inhabitants’ bioluminescence—a reminder that light and company exist even in the darkest parts of the world. The music revolves around progressive grunge riffs in the style of Muse and Royal Blood, intertwined with catchy Beatlesque melodies that the band has gained notoriety for. The single will be followed by a music video.

The band’s cover of ‘Show Me How To Live’ charted at #30 on Christian Music Weekly and was named #52 on their list of Top 100 Rock Songs of 2021, and ‘Liquid Pendulum’ stayed at #1 for 3 weeks on the USA Rock Radio Chart according to BigBigHit, and was listed (alongside ‘Show Me How To Live’) in Best of 2020 lists from BigBigHit, RadioU, and more.

Rusty Shipp is a Nashville-based hard rock band that combines Beatlesque melodies, surf and grunge riffs, and philosophical lyrics to create what they call Nautical Rock ‘n’ Roll.


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