Perth, Western Australia (September 11, 2019)
Tenielle Neda is an emerging Christian music singer/songwriter from Australia. She has a new EP entitled Mercy, to be released in late 2019 on Running Club Records. Described by one music critic as having a “heartbreaking catch to her voice,” Running Club’s fourth signing brings yet another different flavor to their roster of artists.

Watch Tenielle Neda video for her most recent single, “Mercy”:

“Mercy” Lyrics:
Hear me Lord – answer me
I am poor and needy
Guard my life, faithfully
Save your servant, who trusts in thee

In your mercy, your mercy, mercy, you come to me

Lord you are forgiving and good
Abounding in love, to all who call
When I am scared I cry to thee
Because you answer me

In your mercy, your mercy, mercy, you answer me

Teach me in all your ways
Give me an undivided heart
That I may fear your name
And praise you Lord God with all my heart

Cause’ great is your love for me, delivered me from the depths
From the realm of the dead, but you oh Lord, in faithfulness –
You turn to me, in your mercy. Oh you turn to me, in your mercy

In your mercy, your mercy, mercy, you turn to me

In your mercy, your mercy, mercy, you comfort me

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