Nashville, TN (December 3, 22021)
Singer/songwriter Rorie has released a new Christmas song titled “Glory, Glory (a Time Like This).” Rorie wrote the song from beginning to end while sitting on the couch in her apartment on Christmas morning 2020. “I was dealing with a lot at the time and had no intention of writing anything that morning, but I picked up my guitar to just sing a little bit, and this song unexpectedly came to life.”

It was a strangely quiet Christmas day at the end of what had been a difficult year for her and her family. Earlier that week, the planetary conjunction, or Star of Bethlehem, appeared in the sky, which got her thinking about the birth of our Savior 2000+ years ago, and what a time it was then. The lyrics to this song alternate back and forth between past and present, reflecting on the similarities in the human experience and what it must have felt like for those who were alive and actively involved at the time of Jesus’ birth.

“It is truly incredible when you think about the world at that time and what it must have been like for Mary, a new mom, to travel at nine months pregnant. Or what the shepherds would have felt when an angel appeared to them in the fields. Or when the wise men followed the star to find Jesus and worship Him. Our generation is facing our own set of challenges, fears, and experiences, and we have the opportunity to be found by Jesus and His saving grace in the midst of all that. It’s mysterious and wondrous, which really captures the essence of the reason for this season.”

Earlier this fall, in September 2021, Rorie released an EP called Resonate, a collection of original worship songs, spiritual songs, and hymns.

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