NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 23, 2023)
Award-winning artist Ronnie Booth will deliver a new solo album Living Legacy —a nostalgic collection of songs that have inspired him personally and professionally — on June 2 via Gaither Music Group.

Known as the lead singer for 30 years of the renowned Booth Brothers, Ronnie showcases his unmistakable, tender voice as he reimagines timeless songs like “Moon River,” “Sweet Beulah Land,” “Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain,” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and other classics. He captures some of the rich country, gospel and pop heritage that has contributed to his own Living Legacy today.

“In addition to the musical influence of my own father, these artists and songs had a profound impact on my development as an artist,” Booth says. “The beautifully-crafted lyrics, masterful musicianship and alluring melodies captured my attention as a young teenager and set me on a lifetime path of artistry that continues to this day. The song truly does ‘remember when,’ and as you listen to these timeless creations it is my hope you are transported back to when you first heard them and discover anew a deep appreciation for the heart of these artists and their songs.

“As Dan Fogelberg said, ‘I’m just a living legacy to the leader of the band,’” he adds. “I have adopted this phrase in my own life because it is my story too. Beginning with the influence of my father and the impact these artists and songs had on my life, I too can say I’m just a living legacy.”

A Living Legacy DVD will also be available, featuring LIVE performances from Ronnie of these recordings as well as a heartfelt interview with Gospel legend and friend Bill Gaither. A Living Legacy TV special, hosted by Bill Gaither, will premiere on June 1 and will air on networks including PBS, DISH TV, DirecTV, TBN, RFD-TV, GaitherTV, FamilyNet, CTN, GMC, GMTN, Guardian, Liberty, TCT and TLN. It will air in Canada on Vision TV, CTS, The Miracle Channel and Hope TV.

Videos from the new recording will be available on the Gaither Music TV YouTube channel (over three million subscribers), the Gaither Music Facebook page and Apple Music. The recording will be featured on the Gaither Store on Amazon; and songs from the new release will air on Gaither Radio on Pandora, Gaither Radio on Spotify and on Homecoming Radio, which is aired on nearly 4,000 radio stations, networks and digital outlets worldwide, including SiriusXM.

“We are excited to partner with Ronnie to capture these songs that have played an influential role in his life,” stated Paul Sizelove, president of Gaither Music Group. “His unmistakable voice is showcased, and he was able to share pieces of his life story, including the legacy he has inherited from his father.”

Living Legacy track listing
Annie’s Song
Rhinestone Cowboy
You’ve Got a Friend
Moon River
I Can’t Smile (Without You)
Leader of the Band
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Let Me Be There
Danny’s Song
Gentle Shepherd
Sweet Beulah Land

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