Dayton OH (August 15, 2022)
Christian music singer/songwriter and author Rick Lee James returns with the thought provoking “As I Walk These Halls,” out now. The upbeat, electric guitar-driven track penned by James offers a glimpse into the challenging, yet hope-filled, ministry that takes place in hospitals.

James, an artist who also serves as hospital chaplain for Kettering Health, wrote the song as a musical testimony to the calling and work of ministry carried out by medical professionals.

“I wrote and recorded the song over a two-week period in July of 2022. I wanted to share it as a gift to my fellow chaplains to commemorate our time together in Kettering’s Clinical Pastoral Education program,” James explains, “But as I shared it with nurses and other medical professionals I began to understand that they experience a similar ministry of presence as they journey with and care for their patients.”

The chorus boldly proclaims a message to all who seek after the Divine: “In the sickness and the suffering we can find the face of God.” The song offers an inside look into the health care ministry while leading the listener in the prayerful song hook, “Give me eyes to see the holy ground I’m on as I walk these halls.”

Rick Lee James is a singer/songwriter, worship leader, author, speaker, podcast host, and Chaplaincy Resident at Kettering Health in Ohio. His recordings include the 2021 singles ‘Shine A Light In The Darkness’ and ‘You Are My Salvation’; as well as 2019’s critically-lauded album Thunder; 2016’s Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations, and the 2013 live release Basement Psalms, among others.

As a podcaster, James has hosted nearly 500 episodes of Voices In My Head, a show featuring interviews with such leading singer/songwriters as Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves, Keith Getty, Michael Card and Paul Baloche. He also hosts Welcome To The Neighborhood: A Mister Rogers Tribute Podcast, celebrating the life and legacy of Fred Rogers.


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