Nashville, TN (February 4, 2019)
Residence Music duo Apollo LTD has released a new digital single, “Heaven (All Around You).” The song conveys a Christian’s expression of marital love…and just happened to drop in time for Valentine’s Day.

Click the play button above to watch the new song video.


About Residence Music
Residence, a sub-label of Centricity Music, believes that Christian aritsts have a lot to sing about—even beyond worship radio.

It sometimes seems that musicians who want their faith to be part of their musical identities have one option: become Christian-music artists. But Residence Music holds a unique philosophy— one that values artists for both who they want to be and the music they want to craft.

“We give artists, specifically artists-of-faith, an opportunity to make the music they feel compelled to make. That doesn’t necessarily have to fit into a box or a format,” says Andrew Lambeth, Director of Artist Development at Residence.

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