RendCo. Kids has released a new and unique concept music video for the song “FUN.”

Watch it here:

While my heart is beating
While my body’s breathing
My future’s there for You to write
Though today I’m hurting
There’s a new day coming
Bright and shining like Your smile

I won’t give up, no, no
I won’t give in, no, no
You are the tide on which I rise
I won’t back up, no, no
I won’t back down, no, no
This is the time for me to rise

You are the fun in my life
You are the joy
You are the laughter inside
And I want more
No one can ever make me happier
No one can ever take me higher
Let’s have some fun
Let’s have some fun

This I know for sure now
Nothing’s keeping me down
Every fear has gotta go
Can’t stop my feet from dancing
Stop my spirit soaring
You’re the rhythm in my soul

Throw your hands in the air
Like you just don’t care
Reach for the sky
Let your heart run wild
Dance like there’s no one watching
Sing like your soul is bursting

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