Nashville, TN (January 13, 2022)
Get ready to laugh and sing with the new animated series A Show About Anthem Lights, which premiered on Pure Flix January 12, 2022. The series will feature animated versions of the Anthem Lights band members, Spencer Kane, Joey Stamper, Caleb Grimm and Chad Graham. Join the guys as they go about everyday activities navigating the ups and downs of life in a boyband … all while singing about it! Join the band as they overcome all obstacles with grace.

Anthem Lights is a group of four Christian men who have found massive, world-wide success and continue to stay strong in their faith and pursue God’s will for their lives…(many say they remind them of Pentatonix). The band has over 5.2 million facebook followers and half a billion streams on YouTube (and almost 2 million subscribers). The group discovered massive success after their music videos and their vocal talent and creative that made them viral sensations around the world. Although dropped by their record label, even after their debut album peaked at #15 on the Christian music charts, the guys did not give up and kept making music which proves hard work pays off! Currently, with over 500 songs to their music catalog, Anthem Lights cover songs, mashups and collaborations with legendary artists including U2, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Lauren Daigle, Amy Grant, Nicole C. Mullen, Mercy Me and many others.



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