NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 8, 2020) – Premier Productions, the largest producer of faith and family events, has released a free downloadable guideline for churches to use as they re-open and re-launch their live gatherings.

This resource, the first of its kind in terms of comprehensiveness and nondenominational approach, was born as a result of Premier Productions planning its own re-opening. After working with thousands of churches over the last 30 years on major live events, Premier wanted to provide churches with a free guide that simplifies and outlines all of the necessary information each congregation should consider regarding COVID-19.

The COVID Safe Church Guidelines, available at, detail the plan, purpose, and process of resuming live gatherings during the current pandemic. The re-launch guide includes tips for communicating with members about deciding to reopen and what to say when live gatherings resume. The guide supplies churches with links to all necessary resources and references – including signage, personal protective equipment, and general COVID-19 resources.

One of the key features of the COVID Safe Church Guidelines is the COVID Safe Reservation System, powered by Platform Tickets, which uses unique technology to have members register for each service. This proprietary system makes it easy for congregants to reserve a seat and receive an email with a seat assignment while helping the church stay in compliance with social distancing guidelines. This system helps church staff plan for appropriate headcount and seating arrangements while ensuring attendees feel safe and well informed in the process.

The innovative use of the Platform ticketing technology was born from a desire to make it easier for churches to resume services when they are able. “Churches are now only able to meet virtually, but the day is coming soon when we will come together again, and when we do, it’s our job to do that in the safest way possible,” said Premier Productions owner Shane Quick.

Premier Productions urges churches to heed the recommendations of local, state, and national governments and health officials when working to re-launch live gatherings. will be updated with government regulations and will curate the best resources for safe worship and community activities. Churches should have a lasting impact as the example of how to safely and considerately re-open their doors.

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