Internationally recognized praise band Planetshakers recorded Heaven On Earth during Planetshakers Kingdom Conference held in Melbourne, Australia this past April at Hisense Arena and at its regional conferences attended by tens-of-thousands in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. The new, 15-song digital album, 14-song CD and 10-track DVD are releasing Oct. 19 from Venture3Media (V3M).

In addition to the songs from Planetshakers’ acclaimed Heaven On Earth Part One and Part Two, the full Heaven On Earth digital album includes five additional tracks from Part Three, which also releases Oct. 19. This final installment of the Heaven On Earth trilogy features the title track, “Overcome It All,” “Rivers (Live),” “Through It All (Remix)” and “Nothing Is Impossible (EDM Remix).”

“Whenever someone thinks of heaven, they are filled with visions of the most perfect world. Not only is heaven a destination that all Christians are looking forward to, but Jesus encouraged us to pray for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven,” says Sam Evans, Planetshakers Senior Worship Leader and Creative Director. “It is our passion and desire that your faith, prayers and expectation be stirred to join with ours as we sing this song together – ‘Heaven On Earth!’ Let our hearts be stirred once again to believe God and that this world would see the true manifestation of God’s kingdom through His people and His church everywhere.”

Where You are is where I wanna be
In Your presence
There’s no place that I would rather be
‘Cause with You Jesus
It’s heaven on earth
(“Heaven On Earth” chorus)

A tangible, intentional expression of worshippers collectively pursuing the presence of God, Heaven On Earth highlights worship leaders Sam Evans, Joth Hunt (who also produced and mixed the album), BJ Pridham, Rudy Nikkerud, Chelsi Nikkerud and a full team of musicians, dancers and more.

Many of Heaven On Earth’s songs were also broadcast live from America’s largest faith-based television network, Daystar, into more than 180 countries worldwide during Planetshakers Kingdom Conference.

Together with the CD, the 10 videos on Heaven On Earth’s DVD each share a live, multi-camera visual experience. The recordings capture the gathering’s dynamic atmosphere seasoned with singing, call and response, dancing and shouts of praise. The first eight of these videos have also already been streamed more than 4.1 million times on YouTube alone.


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The full Heaven On Earth physical CD/DVD track listing follows:
1) “There Is No One Like You (Live in Asia)”
2) “Electric Atmosphere (Live)”
3) “Heaven On Earth”
4) “Above All Names (Live in Asia)”
5) “Draw Close Again (Live)”
6) “Not Alone (Live in Asia)”
7) “Move Out Of My Way (Live)”
8) “The Greatest (Live in Asia)”
9) “Rivers (Live)”
10) “I Want Jesus (Live)”
11) “Overcome It All “
12) “Nothing Is Impossible (EDM Remix)”
13) “Move Out Of My Way (Heavy Remix)”
14) “Heaven On Earth (Radio Single)”

1) “There Is No One Like You (Live In Asia)”
2) “The Greatest (Live In Asia)”
3) “Above All Names (Live In Asia)”
4) “Not Alone (Live In Asia)”
5) “Move Out Of My Way (Live)”
6) “Electric Atmosphere (Live)”
7) “I Want Jesus (Live)”
8) “Draw Close Again (Live)”
9) “Heaven On Earth”
10) “Move Out Of My Way (Heavy Remix)”
* “Through It All (Remix)” is also included on the digital album release.

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