Atlanta, GA (March 31, 2021)
Perimeter Worship has released its newest single, “Where You Belong” (featuring Collin Baxter), written by Collin Baxter and produced by Chris Bevins and Craig Swift. In addition to the single, Perimeter Worship is planning to release a music video on March 28 and a short film on Good Friday, April 2 that will be centered around the theme of “Where You Belong.”

Perimeter Worship is the music ministry of Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA, initially formed to shape the church’s Sunday morning message into musical representations of those same Gospel truths. Over the last few years, Perimeter Worship has witnessed this same music moving from beyond the stage and into the Christian community. As they begin to reach a larger audience, the Perimeter Worship leaders and musicians hope that their God-honoring and timeless music will aid in a lifestyle of worship for large groups, being used as a formative tool to help equip individual believers with encouragement and truth.

With songs like “What Only You Can,” “Every Step” and a new rendition of the hymn “The Church’s One Foundation,” Perimeter Worship’s songs are packed with Biblical truths, memorable melodies and musical styles that can be enjoyed in Christian churches and communities around the globe.

The song, “Where You Belong,” is a calling to all people who are looking for a place to call home. Christ has given us the church. He has given us, HIS PEOPLE, to be a source of hope, community and love. Yes, the church is filled with broken people, but it is held by a perfect Savior, and there will always be an open seat for those who seek it. The Church is where all people can come and find Jesus—the strength and love that they need to make it through this life:



“In the presence of Jesus there is hope
In the presence of Jesus there is grace
If you’re wounded – if you’re hurting come to his table
He is strong enough to save.”

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