Tha CorinthD:13 was born Dwayne Culpepper , from East Saint Louis, Illinois started in music when he was six years old and at times would perform for his mother. Dwayne kept doing music for years while learning the trade of rap music more deeply. Moving from Illinois to Minnesota, he kept at his music with a passion. Dwayne would perform in his high school band with a number of talented musicians, where he was selected to perform in the cities Festival of Nations Music Festival. Dwayne started a record company with his family in 1993 under the moniker Judgment Day Records. At the time, he was not saved and was only producing secular music and performing where he could. He completed one album entitled “Judgment Day Records: Presents The  Daywalkers” along with one single independently. Rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Dwayne, with all of his gifts and talents would attend a local entrepreneurship school to gain more knowledge to further his career in music and entertainment.

Life started presenting him a lot of hardship. Between dealing with struggle of love and almost losing his life, he found God in it all. He then accepted Christ to become the man of God he is today. He gives credit to the reading of the book titled, “The Purpose Driven Life”. The book helped outline the bible in a complete direct-English and explained how to apply the Word of Christ to your everyday life. Dwayne went to a local church and spoke with a pastor. The pastor gave Dwayne deliverance in the church parking lot. The faith he developed that night cemented Dwayne’s focus on Christ. He pointed his life towards music, love, godliness, and being the man of God in his life. He was washed clean of the old man he was and was being formed into the man he is today. Dwayne was exhausted with the Devil’s attempts to bring him down. He decided to be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. It was his persistence in attending church, tithing, giving, and learning the Word of God that allowed him to hear the call of Gospel music in his local congregation. Now looking into the future and knowing the Lord, Dwayne has a servant’s heart and has been re-born to serve the Lord in all His Glory with music and ministry.

Dwayne’s love of 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13, led him to assume he alias, “Tha CornthD:13”. The fact that he was also born on the 13th day of July made the title seem even more fitting. Dwayne now spreads the word of the Lord to the lost and hurting with a new name. Knowing Jesus died for us and rose on the third day, old things are past away; all things are a new creation in Christ for this powerful man of God. With this new vision, Dwayne started “The DayWalkaz 1st Love Entertainment Company”, he produced a brand new CD release in 2010, “The Storm Is Over”, with such hits as “Love You like Him”, “Hustlaz Prayer”, and “All about Y.O.U.” Being guided to preach the Gospel to all men and women Dwayne has performed for Club 3Degrees, the Tournament Tour 2010, Local Minnesota Church Venues, the Big Ticket Festival, the Independent Gospel Alliance, and the Midwest Spirit Festival, among others. As it has been said the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The time is definitely now to help spread the Gospel for the Lord. 

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