Introducing… Canopy Red.

The band name Canopy Red may be still making its way through the Christian rock ranks, but the foursome’s made several intentions very clear. Bottom line, these are four fresh-faced but remarkably cohesive players from Tallahassee, FL whose goal is to impact this generation with the Gospel, coupled with undeniable musicality that brings to mind bands like the Fray, Sanctus Real, Relient K, The Afters and other like-minded modern rock innovators. Signed to Creative Soul Records, its self-titled EP is loaded with just at much variety as it is introspection. “Like our name says, we want to show more people, both saved and unsaved, what it means to live under the shelter of Christ’s blood.” Their recent digital release, “Space Between”, touches on the struggle we all face in witnessing to our love ones.

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