Nashville, TN (November 18, 2022)
With the release of his first project, Constant, Christian music artist, singer/songwriter Garrett Dearing wanted to address his struggles with depression, the daunting voice of perfectionism and also, his beautiful discovery of who Jesus really is. Constant, is the debut EP from Dearing and is available everywhere now.

The single “Who I Thought He Was,” shines a light on legalistic trends that haunt many congregational gatherings. “For years I’ve been blessed to sing Christian music in the recovery world.. You see a lot of broken hearts when you enter those facilities/meetings, and I started realizing that these folks have experienced a lot of the same hurts I’ve experienced with various congregational gatherings.. Being told their clothes aren’t good enough, they can’t have tattoos, or they don’t “look the part”, to worship there. My heart broke.. I knew this wasn’t the Jesus I had experienced in my life, so I set out to gain a clearer understanding of Jesus’ heart and how he loved and cared for folks. “Jesus Ain’t Who I Thought He Was, He Ain’t Worried ‘Bout The Clothes I Wear, Or The Roads I’ve Run.”

“Who I Thought He Was” isn’t casting a stone at congregational gatherings, but it is a call to action. A call to all followers of Jesus, to keep the main focus, the main focus. Jesus.

“That was the goal of this EP, and I feel that it was successfully executed. I wanted this project to be a raw singer/songwriter style creation. A simple vocal and acoustic guitar, with every imperfection and quirk. I know this project definitely goes against the grain of what is typically expected out of a CCM artist, and I’m totally okay with that. What matters to me, is following God’s direction, and striving to be faithful to that.” —Garrett Dearing

You can find Dearing’s New EP “Constant” on all streaming platforms, including his website

Constant track list:
Start of Something Good
Oh Father
I’m Not Jesus
Who I Thought he Was
Help’s Not on The Way


* photo by: Mark Moose at Little Moose films

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