CCM Music Video Premiere: Jor’Dan Armstrong — ‘My God’

The song “My God” is a perfect and seamless crossover from powerful Gospel music to upbeat hip-hop/r&b. It’s a combination that may seem unusual, but artist Jor’Dan Armstrong makes it make perfect sense. When you first listen to the track, it’s almost unrecognizable as a Gospel song. All that you can hear are catchy hip-hop beats and intelligently thought-out rhymes. Once you dissect the words, it’s the ultimate gospel song at its core. Throughout the song, Jor’Dan sings about how he needs to brag about his God, how his God never backs down and never loses. It illustrates his undying commitment to Him—and Jor’Dan is not afraid to shout it to the world. The influence of ’90s hip-hop and R&B can be heard throughout this track. With each pass he releases, Jor’Dan Armstrong helps bring a fresh perspective to those new to the genre.

Watch the music video:

About the video
Like the song, the “My God” video feels a lot more hip-hop than gospel. It starts off with Jor’Dan Armstrong inside the walls of a car dealership with Lil Yachty as the ultimate salesperson. After a few back and forth discussions, they finally settle on the perfect ride for this artist: a sleek blue Lamborghini with all the bells and whistles. From there, we ride along with Jor’Dan as he rolls down the street in his new car. In between the riding clips, Jor’Dan stands in the middle of a basketball court and parking garage while he lays down his verses. Throughout the video, we get glimpses of the rapper through the distorted, flashing lens of a camera. The video ends with a gentle fade out as Jor’Dan continues to dance on the court.

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