Christian metal-core band War of Ages has released an official music video for it’s song “Miles Apart.”

Check it out here:

War of Ages
(Facedown Records)

Release date: Sep 2019

“Miles Apart” Lyrics
This life is hell without you
My world is fading faster now

If you would search the bounds of time
To have me back for a moment
If I would turn away from the fire
Your strength would carry my soul
Drowning in my sweat
If I live one more day without you
The shadows are more than I can bare
Take me from this nightmare

This life is hell without you
I would trade it all to feel you
My world is fading faster now

Find strength
Through the suffering
Skies turn black
But the sun will rise
Find strength
Through the suffering
Lord reign down let your power fall
Biting on my tongue
Holding my breath
I will die and my heart will follow
Your death on the cross
Showed me true love
Set us on fire

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