Melbourne, AUS (February 22, 2021)
Jared Grant is a Melbourne based Christian music singer/songwriter and worship leader. He has been playing guitar and singing and writing songs since he was a teenager and is currently the Worship Pastor at Stairway Church in Melbourne, Australia. In the last 8 years Jared has served a team of 60+ creatives, leading them into greater depths of prayer and worship, and a reverent honour for the presence of God, not to mention developing them in their skills and capacity as musicians and artists.

Jared boldly states that he is a lover of really good coffee, handmade guitars, fine art, exploring nature, and the pleasure of genuine heartfelt relationships.

His recently released his latest single ‘Steadfast Hope,’ which was mixed and co-produced with lifelong friend Daniel Kelaart from Clique Studios and has come to life because of a long list of collaborators, musicians and artists giving their skills and passion to the project.

‘Steadfast Hope’ draws the listener to discover God as absolutely majestic, yet intimately involved in our lives. Released whilst his wife Karen journeys through cancer, ‘Steadfast Hope’ has become their anthem, & one that they desire to be a gift of hope for a world walking through uncertainty in unprecedented times.

His extended project, Desert Blooms, is slated for release later in 2021.

‘Steadfast Hope’ Music Video:



Jared Grant
‘Steadfast Hope’ single

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