Nashville, TN (June 24, 2022)
Singer/songwriter Melanie Penn continues to release songs from her upcoming album More Alive Vol. 2. She has released her latest single “Follow You”—co-written by Penn and producer Ben Shive. The song portrays how we can get lost in our lives, but God will always show us the way. Like a pillar of fire/That lights my way/Your love leads like a cloud by day/It’s Your voice I’m listening to/If You say “go” I will follow You/I’ll follow You.

Penn will release More Alive Vol. 2 on July 15, 2022, and she will debut the music video for “Follow You” the same day. The video shoot took place for two days in Iceland, as Penn thought the location would really give the right vibe for the video and song.

“Just like God led His people through the wilderness with a pillar of fire and a cloud by day, He’s still doing that! This is a season of wilderness for so many, so I wanted to use those ancient images of God’s guidance in the song ‘Follow You,’ said Penn.


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