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Matt Redman releases a special album titled “Coming Back To The Heart (Live Collection).” Recorded at the Beverly Theater in Las Vegas, this project revisits songs written or co-written by Matt for the Church over the last 25 years. After noticing new enthusiasm around some of his older songs, he decided to re-imagine them and invite people into a fresh expression of worship. This is Redman’s 20th album release.

One of the hallmarks of this record is the joining together of various songs: “I was amazed how well that worked – some just interlocked together so beautifully and naturally – like ‘Better Is One Day’ with ‘Facedown’ (both reverential songs around the theme of God’s presence) and ‘Never Once’ with ‘You Never Let Go’ (both songs about the faithfulness of Jesus),” Redman shares.

This live collection also introduces a brand-new song, “Let Me See Jesus,” which captures the album’s central message, as he explains, “That’s what the ministry I’ve been entrusted with is about.” Beholding God naturally leads to expressing praise and singing, “it’s the natural reflex of a soul who has glimpsed something glorious about God,” he continues.

“Coming Back To The Heart (Live Collection)” is sonically communal and dynamic as it was recorded with stripped-back instruments in order to make room for the congregation’s voices. The room was filled with local worship leaders and singers, a deliberate move to go beyond the city’s entertainment reputation and into encounter with the living God. Featuring classics such as “Heart of Worship,” and a gospel-inspired outro on “10,000 Reasons,” the new album expresses something familiar in an unfamiliar manner. “I hope these songs will help us sing age-old truth in a fresh way,” Redman concludes.

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