Toronto, ONT (September 3, 2020)
Juno-Award winning Christian rock/pop rock group, Manic Drive, has taken advantage of the extra time awarded during this summer to work on new projects. While the current landscape has caused many artists to slow down, the duo has been deeply immersed in writing new songs, coordinating videos, and orchestrating new ways to connect with their fans online.  The band has just unveiled its first new single, “Thank God I’m Alive.

”Like most people, 2020 has been an unprecedented year.  Along with a global pandemic, closed national borders, and cancelled concerts, brothers Shawn Cavallo and Michael Cavallo lost their mother early in the year.  Shortly after, Shawn and his wife welcomed their first child.  The brother’s took these raw emotions of extreme joy and grief, and wrote the single  “Thank God I’m Alive.”

“I’ve learned how to stop being angry at the world, and start making peace with heaven,” Shawn explains. “This current landscape gives us a bittersweet opportunity to be reminded of what we have, and what we can be thankful for. ‘Thank God I’m Alive’ is a reflection of the past few months—a song of gratitude—even during incredibly challenging times.”

This single is the debut for a new series of projects, the first being the six-song (Vol.1⁰) that will release in November. (Vol.1⁰) is the first of 6 eps that will launch through 2021.  While the band shares from an emotional season, fans can be assured that these upcoming projects are filled with Manic Drive’s signature edge-pop sound that their fans know and love.


“Thank God I’m Alive” Lyrics:
I’m learning how to cope
With heaven calling you home
And we try to be strong
With all this going on
we’ll just try to keep trying i suppose
Unsure how to deal with this
Its kinda messed if I’m being real with it
And we’ll try to get by
One day at a time
But its hard to disguise how we feel
But you pray to God in the evening
You’re grateful that you see another day
And even though your hearts is weeping
Still you bow your head and say
“I don’t wanna live life jaded
Don t wanna spend the rest like I’m victimized
Reminded in my darkest moments
To thank God I’m alive”
I’m learning how to grieve
It’s been a couple days since you had to leave
And I can’t comprehend I won’t see you again
In this life, in this reality
Not sure how to deal with this
I find it hard trying to find peace with it
And thoughts run through my head
As we lay you to rest
I remember the time when you said
To pray to God in the evening
Be grateful that I see another day
Reminded in my darkest moments
To thank God I’m alive
Did Heaven tell you mom?
I’m gonna have a son
And I’ll be a good dad
He’ll have love like I had
And I promise one day to teach him
To never go and live life jaded
To waste your precious time feelin’ victimized
Remember in your darkest moments
To thank God we’re alive

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