Nashville, TN (April 5, 2019)
Kate Stanford may be a new name to the world of Christian music, but she’s already turning heads with her talent! The 17-year-old rising singer/songwriter from Baton Rouge, LA is releasing her first EP, Bloom, today and her single “I’m A Believer” – produced by Tedd T. (For King & Country, Tobymac, David Crowder Band, Avalon,) Zach Hall (Newsboys, God’s Not Dead, Five Knives, Heather Headley,) Chris Bevins (Phillips, Craig & Dean, Jaci Velasquez, Mark Schultz) and The Infinites (Nickelodeon, FOX, ABC, NBC, Disney) – has already caught the ear of movie producers. The song was chosen to be featured in the motion picture movie, Palau, The Movie, celebrating the life of Luis Palau.

Click here to view the music video for “I’m A Believer”

“When I found out the song was going to be included in the movie, I just couldn’t believe it! I STILL can’t believe it,” Kate says. “When I heard this song, I knew it was special. The first words of the song drew me in – They’re not just words written on pages. I talk to God and I listen everyday – the lyrics paint the picture that the Bible is God speaking to you, guiding you through life.”

Growing up in Baton Rouge, LA provided a foundational training ground for the talented singer. “I grew up singing,” Kate comments. “I’ve been singing since the age of 6. My parents tell me they can’t even remember a moment in my life that I wasn’t singing, ha! I sang in church choir, AllState Chorus and everywhere I could.” Noticing her natural giftedness, Stanford’s parents signed her up for classical voice training.

The investment has surely paid off. Combined with her love of God, for ministry, and her talent, Kate’s journey has just begun!

Her debut EP, Bloom, features a diverse collection of music, and the choices were by design with Stanford picking every song to speak to varying moments in her own life and those around her.

“I feel like the song “Bloom” is very ‘coming of age,’ Kate says. “It encourages people to find themselves and to grow into who God has made them to be.”

Kate finds promise and hope with the song “Holding On.” She comments, “This song feels really nostalgic and reminds me – and others – that when I feel down and feel like I’ve lost my purpose, I turn to God and remember that HE is my purpose, that I find that in HIM! This song illuminates that so strongly.”

This EP also features Kate’s first time to write a song. With the song, “Undivided,” Kate explains, “Everything is telling us that we are divided – racially, culturally, politically. We need to realize that we are actually more alike than we are different. The thing that binds us together is our faith and our common hopes, dreams and plans. So, as I sat down to write this song with the Infinites, that thought was really in the forefront of my mind.”

The EP, Bloom, is available now at all digital outlets.

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