Nashville, TN (August 26, 2022)
Genre-deying artist K-Anthony has released his latest single, ‘Nobody’ along with a music video. The new song features his signature mixture of pop, urban, R&B, and island/reggae sounds.

Story Behind the Song:
‘Nobody’ represents a journey as one searches for faith and that connection with God. Often at times we seek gratification from things or people which lead us down a path of self-destruction and of being unfulfilled, but God is there with open arms waiting to welcome us back home to the fold, just like the prodigal son and his father and the sheep with his loving shepherd. It’s in God we can truly feel fulfilled and accomplish our purpose.

K-Anthony’s early musical experiences began in the church he attended in his youth, located in Falmouth, Jamaica. He is influenced by the island music, and you can hear his love of reggae and R&B. His strong musicality shows his classical training gained through his Bachelor of Arts degree in music. K-Anthony’s songs are well crafted with the lyrics front and center with a decidedly optimistic tone, but the underlying theme of his music is his love for God and hope for the future. K-Anthony has a strong desire to bring that hope and sense of purpose in life to young people who feel lost and he uses his message to bring inspiration to others.

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