Journal Entry #1: Finding ‘Hits,’ Faithful Hints | Just had the first official song meeting for my second album… The other day I met with Adam, my manager, and John Mays, the A&R leader at my label, Centricity Music. Leading up to this meeting we had a pool of more than thirty potential songs for this album, and the songwriting process isn’t even over!

The purpose of this meeting was to further define what we see this album becoming and to then narrow down that list of songs. Taking a step back and choosing what fits isn’t easy. You create songs and get really excited about them, but then you write other songs and get really excited about those, too. Sometimes, there are even great songs that we’ve put a lot of hard work into that just don’t “hit” the way we thought they initially would.

What I’ve learned with making my first album, however, was that all I can do in the songwriting process is give it all up to God. He calls me to pray over the songs, and it honestly makes the selection easier. A song has to be more than just “good,” there has to be something in it that makes you feel a certain way—something that drives you through the entire thing. Finding those songs takes work, but when ever I ask God for the answer, He’s always faithful.

Jordan Feliz, John Mays, CCM Magazine - image

Playing some air drums for John! -jf

There are more expectations this time around, so, I do feel more pressure about this album. In the earliest stages of thinking about this record, that pressure was kind-of clouding what I was doing, and I was a bit lost as to what this album should be about. There were a lot of new things happening in my life, and I worried about the future. But honestly, I found inspiration by turning those worries over to God and trusting that He has my future. I don’t have to know the when’s, why’s, or how’s to how everything will turn out, because He does. Knowing that He has everything planned and has walked my path will be the underlying tone of this record.


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