Nashville, TN (March 9, 2022)
DOVE Award-winning husband and wife duo Jonathan and Melissa Helser have released the last part of their latest album The Land I’m Livin’ In. These final five songs were recorded on the last day of a three-day recording session that took place on the Helsers’ land in North Carolina. The album serves as an expression of what God has been doing in the lives of a community over the last twenty years and is a testament to the work and discipleship present in the Helsers’ life.

“We are so thankful for the response we have gotten from the first two installments of The Land I’m Livin’ In” says Jonathan Helser. “We can’t wait to release the final installment this week. There are some very special songs in day 3 that we are so excited for the world to hear. I think we may have saved the best for the last.”

In addition to the release of The Land I’m Livin’ In, the Helsers’ have released the official music video for “Sound Mind (Live)” which was filmed on the final day of recording. The impassioned visual captures the energy and magic that was created during the three-day recording session.

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The Land I’m Livin’ In Track List:
1. I Am Your Beloved (Live)
2. Running Home (Spontaneous) [Live]
3. I Lose My Ability (Live)
4. We Make Space (Live)
5. Father of Jesus (Live)
6. I Can’t Get Away (Live) feat. Naomi Raine
7. Downpour (Spontaneous) [Live] feat. Naomi Raine
8. 4th Man (Live)
9. Magnificent Trinity (Live)
10. Sound Mind (Live)
11. Turning on the Lights (Spontaneous) [Live]
12. My Soul Sings (Live)
13. I Believe (Live)
14. Without Caution (Live)

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