May 31st, 2024
Acclaimed singer/songwriter, SoCal icon, and longtime Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has released In Bloom, a stunning new collection of songs hand-crafted for a drive down the sunny California coast.

Recorded alongside co-producer James McAlister (Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sufjan Stevens), In Bloom is a breathtaking study of nature and the flow of life, and solidifies Foreman’s place as one of contemporary music’s most beloved surveyors of the human condition. Characterized by fingerpicked acoustic guitars, sun-soaked melodies, and Foreman’s stirring lyrics, it encompasses the essence of Foreman’s songwriting – a pure, unadulterated celebration of life in the face of an unknown future. It’s a true joy to listen to, and the perfect soundtrack to Spring.

In Bloom initially appeared to Foreman as an unexpected gift. Having planned a follow-up to 2021’s departures, which itself was a response to the global tremors of 2020, Foreman soon found himself faced with a minor dilemma. The songs he was writing didn’t reflect the sound he was aiming for, but were instead delicate and full of life, love, and wonder, not unlike a blooming flower in the first days of Spring. Rather than resisting the pull of the music, Foreman accepted the new direction, with spectacular results. Featuring special guest appearances from rising singer-songwriters Joy Oladokun and Abby Holliday, In Bloom is a record for the present and embraces mortality, limitations, and the ever-present mistakes of the everyday.

Speaking about the album, Foreman commented: “In Bloom” is the album that I wasn’t trying to make. It’s a record that celebrates the unexpected gift of the moment. This record is full of honest, humble surprises that came to me while I was busy chasing a different arrival. Rather than obsessing over a future, static destination, may this album represent an entirely different pursuit: to stay present in the moment along the way. Like a wildflower, may these songs bring you beauty and joy as you travel along your journey.

We talked to Jon about the album:

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This album was born from the realization that new life comes from the fertilizer of the past. Maybe it’s time to let go. Maybe there’s something better waiting to grow.”

The perfect soundtrack to a lazy Spring afternoon, the title track is a meditation on life’s beauty while “Where The Sidewalk Ends” is an exploration of love after an argument and the healthy tension created by conflicting perspectives. Album kickoff track “I Propose A Toast” sees Foreman raising a glass to the priceless connections we make on life’s journey, and recent single “Eulogy” serves as a reminder to let go of the rear view mirror and step into the present. Notably, “Eulogy” features Foreman’s daughter Daisy singing harmony with her father in one of the album’s most touching moments.

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