Nashville, TN (September 10, 2021)
In an era marked by “followers” and wanting to be “liked” has come a time when Christ followers are unfollowing their faith. Acknowledging the fear of rejection and division may be a root cause for the reservations of thought leaders, Christian rock artist Jodi Essex is fed up with rising fear-based excuses. Bearing witness to public denouncements of faith and the watered-down messages of mainstream culture, Essex implores, “Would you offend for the Gospel?”

“When you have something to say,” Essex declares, “it should transcend your fear of speaking up.”

Written by Jodi Essex and Josiah Prince of Disciple, “Offend” is the first song in a series of songs to mark their new collaboration. Similar to her experience with Sean Hill (Jamie Grace, Clay Crosse, Landry Cantrell) for her 10-song debut album, Irreverent, Essex has described the process of writing with Josiah as amazing and positive, backed by “RADICALLY EPIC” songs that have emerged. Citing a vast array of musical influences like 80s and 90s rock legends like Def Leppard, Guns N Roses and Sevendust, Jodi’s music is never too far from her roots. With a sound that could be compared to Skillet, Fireflight and Alice in Chains, “Offend” forges a new path for Jodi that is a cross between classic and hard-hitting modern rock.

By challenging listeners through “Offend,” Jodi hopes its message will ring loud and clear for both church leadership and congregants, alike. Upon listening, Jodi wants them to feel empowered, emboldened and PUMPED. In Jodi’s words, “I want them to feel energized and re-energized as they traverse their journeys.”

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