Sacramento, CA (June 3, 2020)
Jesus Culture released a new live album, Church Volume One (Live), last month and now announce the June release of Church Volume Two (Live). Worship leaders featured during the recording include Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, Chris McClarney, Chris Quilala, Mack Brock and Derek Johnson. These albums are a return to who Jesus Culture was from the start; a family with a collection of songs that reflect who God is and what He is doing in their church and their lives. They captured lyrics and melodies that carry a new sound for a new season. These project are two volumes that features 18 songs that were recorded live at Jesus Culture Sacramento over a period of four Sundays.

“Jesus Culture started as a youth conference and evolved into a movement. The music was a by-product of the movement and what God was doing in and through us. As the music grew, we were labeled ‘Jesus Culture Band,’ and it became an identity that we were trying to fit into, and it never felt quite right. We were always a movement and a church. When we started talking about this album, we felt an overwhelming sense that we didn’t want to create another album just because. We wanted to again, give birth to something that is just a by-product of what God is doing in our church and in our lives. With this record, we wanted to be intentional about it and go back to what we know, our history, and our identity.” —Kim Walker-Smith

Church Volume One (Live)
More Than Enough (Vol. 1 / Live)
Anticipation (Vol. 1 / Live)
Revival (Vol. 1 / Live)
Still In Control (Vol. 1 / Live)
Gold (Vol. 1 / Live)
King Of Love (Vol. 1 / Live)
Nothing But Good (Vol. 1 / Live)
Insatiable (Vol. 1 / Live)
I Will Not Fear (Vol. 1 / Live)

Church Volume Two (Live)
Fearless (Vol. 2 / Live)
Fill Up The Sky (Vol. 2 / Live)
You Cannot Be Stopped (Vol. 2 / Live)
I Need You (More Than Anything) (Vol. 2 / Live)
Prophesy Your Promise (Vol. 2 / Live)
I Lift My Eyes (Vol. 2 / Live)
Lean Back (Vol. 2 / Live)
One Name (Vol. 2 / Live)
Freedom Is Coming (Vol. 2 / Live)

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