With a burning passion for strength and dignity to follow Jesus’ path of faith, love, and peace, Christian artist JD Walker releases his 12-song album Deeper Than Blood. After going through his personal struggles, JD pursues his life’s mission of sharing the Lord’s word with others with the help of the Holy Spirit. Deeper Than Blood is a truthfully honest album from JD that sparks the ability to be resilient in the face of adversity and encourages someone else who may be experiencing similar challenges in their own life.

JD says, “This album is a variety of songs, and many of these songs pertain to my journey of how Jesus brought me back to Him. I am hoping this album will relate to people on all levels so they will realize no matter how far they have strayed, Jesus is always there.”

As the title track of the album, “Deeper Than Blood,” JD shares, “It is about what our Heavenly Father did for us all on the cross.” This is the sophomore album, with 12 tracks, with #12 being the bonus song. JD’s musical influences as a recording artist are drawn from his Missouri origins. The singer expresses a hope for people to be transformed even when faced with difficulties outside of their control. From coming to know Jesus as a Christian artist, JD says, “If there’s life without blame in Jesus name, ‘I’m In.’ I hope it makes the listener say, I want to be in, and if they aren’t right with God, it motivates them to want to come to know Jesus.”

JD’s musical inspiration comes from both his strong spiritual beliefs as well as the tragedy, trauma, and turmoil of his young adulthood. One song in particular hits home for the singer, as it’s in memory of his wife. “‘God Missed Her Most” (LIVE) is one that I decided to record in memory of my wife Tina, so this song captures the dedication to her memory, says JD. “In the years since, JD has had an unyielding faith in God and continues to define what inspired him as an artist and God-fearing individual.

By surrounding himself with Jesus and being filled with the Spirit, he continued to steer his life in a positive and encouraging direction. As he built those relationships, he quickly embraced the power of worship and prayer. This led him to record “Live, Laugh, Love, Dance” (LIVE) in memory of his father. “This song is something my Dad used to say to me when I was going through my trials. You have to keep going, son; you have to keep living; it’s ok for you to laugh; you’ve got to love; one day you’ll love another; and for the time being, it’s ok for you to grab a pretty girl and dance because your precious Tina would want that, because she told me so.”

JD released three singles from the album, including the title track, “Deeper Than Blood,” “From The Devil To The Cross,” and “Your Knees To The Floor,” which all led to giving others a perspective on coming to know Jesus and the deep love that has fueled JD with His strength. He spent so many years in denial and running away from his faith until the presence of the Lord led him to be unshakeable.

Deeper Than Blood follows his 2016 debut EP Too Far From Heaven, on which the title track surpassed over 2 million video views on Reverb Nation. The single also debuted on the Music Row charts at #149, ultimately peaking at #84 with absolutely no promotion. The album Deeper Than Blood is available now exclusively on his website and available for pre-order on iTunes. The album is only being released to iTunes worldwide on August 11.

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