Here are some of our favorites from Christian Music today—if you scroll down toward the bottom of the page you might see some of your favorites from yesterday.

Can you think of any others? Comment below!


for King & Country‘s Joel & Luke Smallbone. Don’t forget, Rebecca St. James is also their sister!


Red‘s Anthony & Randy Armstrong. Twins!


NEEDTOBREATHE‘s Bear & Bo Rinehart (they also win the contest for the coolest sibling names!).

Colton Dixon and sister Schyler. Fun facts: Colton will be featured on the May 1 cover of CCM Magazine with his mother, while Schyler will be releasing a project soon!


Switchfoot‘s Jon and Tim Foreman.


The Katinas. They were related before they were a band, we checked.


The Crabb Family. As if the word “Family” in their name wasn’t a giveaway…they’re even a triple-threat: brothers, sisters, and twins!


About A Mile. About every single one of them share the same last name: Klute.


Stryper‘s Michael and Robert Sweet. More like, how “sweet” is that spandex, huh?!


Bryan and Keith Alexis of Tinman Jones, in which no one in the band was actually a real “Jones.”

Bro/Sis duet Phillip and Natalie LaRue of the band LaRue. We like that name better than “The LaRue Family” (sorry Crabbs!).

Sackcloth Fashion featuring Tim “Rocdomz” and Steve “MaxOne” Trudeau + the Brothers Musser (Byron & Brandon). Rocdomz is also related to the Musser’s by marriage, although we can’t verify that Tim’s wife (Byron & Brandon’s sister) actually calls him by his stage name at home.

The Wall Brothers. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that they’re related.

Noel and Ronnie Arthurton comprised Dynamic Twinz. To this day, they are still twins!

Toby, Joey, and Todd are The Gotee Brothers.

Not actually related.

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