Nashville, TN (October 7, 2022)
GRAMMY-winning collective Israel & New Breed unveil their new live project Worship Anywhere via District 11 Entertainment. The moving 14-track album was recorded live at Camp New Breed in Nassau, NY, and features spirited collaborations with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Joe L. Barnes, DOE, Nate Diaz and more—all led by 6x GRAMMY-winning artist, songwriter and producer Israel Houghton.


“My wife Adrienne always has these wild ideas at 5AM, and one day she said, ‘I know what we’re gonna do. We’re recording the new record at a camp with adults,’” Houghton explains. “After thinking about it for a while, I was totally on board. We always say you can worship anywhere, and I think this project is a testament to that. It’s also a testament to the fact that, in today’s day and age, you can record anywhere too. It was really important for this album—when you watch the videos and even when you just listen to the music—to feel like fans are truly immersed in the process, and I was like, ‘What is more immersive than 45 people in a circle in worship?’ Drop some mics into that—that’s immersive. So, while the recording process was very challenging, it was also extremely rewarding and fun, and I hope fans feel like they are alongside us at Camp New Breed when they listen to this new music.”

Pulling from the group’s past work, the impressive project opens with “New Breed Anthem”—a stomp-clap singalong that will get all New Breed fans on their feet and ready to dive into the record. The thumping, fiddle-driven “Wrong About You” featuring Joe L. Barnes is a must-listen for all who have experienced a troubled relationship with faith, as the group details the journey to opening their eyes to the joy that God truly brings. “Blessing and Honor” featuring Anna Sailors is a simple, yet beautiful, worship anthem that flows straight into the powerfully harmonious anthem “Worthy.”

New Breed strips back the noise on “Flow Like A River,” taking a moment to reflect on the great healing works being done in our daily lives before the high-octane energy returns on the heart-thumping call-and-response title track. The driving spirit continues in “Campfire Coritos,” which features Israel’s wife Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and sister-in-law Claudette Bailon and is sung entirely in Spanish. The album closes with a compilation of traditional worship songs in “Spirit Medley.”

Worship Anywhere
track list:

1. New Breed Anthem
2. Miracle, Signs and Wonders
3. Fun (Feat. DOE)
4. Wrong About You (Feat. Joe L Barnes)
5. Yes, Jesus Loves Me (Wrong About You)
6. Witness (Feat. Cristabel Clack)
7. Blessing and Honor (Feat. Anna Sailors)
8. Worthy (Blessing & Honor)
9. Flow Like a River
10. Certainly
11. Need to Know
12. Worship Anywhere (Feat. Linny Smith, Chenee Campbell)
13. Campfire Coritos (Feat. Claudette Bailon, Adriene Bailon-Houghton, Nate Diaz)
14. Spirit Medley (Feat. Lucia Parker, Onaje Jefferson)

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