Atlanta, GA (December 8, 2022)
On Friday, January 27th, community-driven worship collective Housefires will release How To Start A Housefire via Capitol CMG/TRIBL Records. Many know Housefires as the group behind songs “Build My Life” and “Good Good Father.” They have had multiple songs and albums land on the Billboard charts, but now, this record strips the veneer and illusion of “success and fame” in a worship context, placing a profound emphasis on the group’s mission to be a resource in thought and creed rather than a Sunday setlist addition.


How To Start A Housefire
(Capitol CMG/TRIBL Records)

Album Track List:

1. Praise Him (feat. Davy Flowers)
(Davy Flowers)

2. Lean On The Lord (feat. Ryan Ellis & Cecily)
(Ryan Ellis / Cecily Hennigan / Mitch Wong)

3. Only Jesus (feat. Kirby Kaple, Chandler Moore & DOE)
(Kirby Kaple / Mariah Adigun / Montel Moore / Nate Moore)

4. I Have Decided [Banner] (feat. Davy Flowers)
(Davy Flowers)

5. To You (feat. Davy Flowers)
(Dante Bowe / Maryanne J. George / Davy Flowers)

6. I’m Not Going Anywhere (feat. Cecily & Davy Flowers)
(Cecily Hennigan / Davy Flowers)

7. Don’t Get Me Started (Feat. Kirby Kaple & Ryan Ellis)
(Jessie Early / Kirby Kaple / Shantrice Laura / Isaiah Schuman / Tianna Bowles)

8. Sold Out (feat. Ryan Ellis & Ahjah Walls)
(Ryan Ellis / Charles Grooms)

9. If I Could Have Anything (feat. Blake Wiggins & Ahjah Walls)
(Blake Wiggins / Kerri Grimsley)

10. Keep My Eyes Up (feat. Ryan Ellis)
(Lindy Cofer / Mitch Wong / Ryan Ellis)

11. You’re The Only One I’m Looking For (feat. Ryan Ellis, Harvest & Nate Moore)
(Ryan Ellis / Harvest / Nate Moore)

12. Grateful (feat. Nate Moore)
(Patrick Mayberry / Ryan Ofei / Hank Bentley)

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