Nashville, TN (November 18, 2022)
Community-driven Housefires released its new single “Lean on the Lord” featuring Ryan Ellis and Cecily, a track that follows the group’s “Only Jesus” featuring Kirby Kaple, Chandler Moore and DOE. These songs are the first of new music from the group’s album How To Start A Housefire, due out Jan. 27 via Capitol CMG/TRIBL Records.

Housefires is credited with reviving the way worship songs are written, recorded and experienced, embracing its sound within by visually demonstrating the community. The group’s core consists of Davy Flowers, Ryan Ellis, Cecily, Kirby Kaple, Chandler Moore, DOE, Ahjah Walls, Blake Wiggins, Harvest Grapevine, Nate Moore and KJ Scriven—together offering an unrefined sound that’s free of the safety and restraints that a normal studio, and even a live recording set, often offers.

In 2014, Housefires forever rewrote the worship landscape when they released two premiere projects within a few months of each other. Since then, worship leading, songwriting, and collaboration were re-evaluated and reconstructed to reflect the Housefires model that embraced a more unfiltered sound and approach to worship from the writing room to the stage.

Their forthcoming project How To Start A Housefire strips the veneer and illusion of “success and fame” within a worship or music industry context, reminding people of the foremost mission of the group. These songs are meant to be a resource for the church in thought and creed rather than elements to tack onto a Sunday setlist.


How To Start A Housefire Track List:
1. Praise Him (feat. Davy Flowers)
2. Lean On The Lord (feat. Ryan Ellis & Cecily)
3. Only Jesus (feat. Kirby Kaple, Chandler Moore & DOE)
4. I Have Decided [Banner](feat. Davy Flowers)
5. To You (feat. Davy Flowers)
6. I’m Not Going Anywhere (feat. Cecily & Davy Flowers)
7. Don’t Get Me Started (feat. Kirby Kaple & Ryan Ellis)
8. Sold Out (feat. Ryan Ellis & Ahjah Walls)
9. If I Could Have Anything (feat. Blake Wiggins & Ahjah Walls)
10. Keep My Eyes Up (feat. Ryan Ellis)
11. You’re the Only One I’m Looking For (feat. Ryan Ellis, Harvest Grapevine & Nate Moore)
12. Grateful (feat. Nate Moore)

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