Nashville, TN (September 18, 2019)
South Florida-based modern worship group House of Peace has released a new, full-length project, Welcome to the River, from Rex Records.

Welcome to the River features 13 songs that were written and produced by leading member David Liscum. This is the first time Liscum has served in the producer role on a full-length project from the group. Welcome to the River a follow-up to Into the Great Unknown.

“I took my time writing and producing the album. I really wanted to dig deep. When we’re in a good place with the Lord, we tend to think of spiritual mountain tops,
like when we got saved, or what God has brought us through, so some of the songs reflect on those moments. Other songs inspire and help us to focus on God’s presence with references to the Holy Spirit guiding and directing us,” Liscum said.

One song from the project, “Let Your Face Shine” has already been making an impact on listeners across the globe. The song charted at #7 as one of the most downloaded songs on Christian radio in September.

Watch the lyric video for “Let Your Face Shine” here:

The 13-song Welcome to the River incorporates a variety of musical styles from corporate worship anthems to pop-laced songs with prominent worship themes. Staying true to a vision that encompasses diversity, the band draws from the power of modern worship, but it also incorporates many of the group’s signature stylings, including strings and horns. The band’s influences range from Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Keane, Justin Jarvis, and Andrew Ehrenzeller.

Liscum, who wrote and produced the album, recruited heavy hitters on the project to mix the album, such as Sean Moffit, who has worked with artists like Lauren Daigle, Phil Wickham, and Jesus Culture. He also called upon the talents of Sam Gibson, who is recognized for songs like “Oceans,” and the Jesus Culture album, Let It Echo, among other leading worship albums. Additionally, Warren David, known for mixing artists like Josh Groban, Tenth Avenue North and The Afters, helped to round-out the songs on the effort.

In addition to encouraging those in the church, the project also aims to reach those outside the church walls. The band hopes to take two of the songs to mainstream radio next year. “There are a lot of corporate worship albums out there, and we love those kind of projects, but wanted to do something artistic that’s a little outside of the box in regard to radio and what the rest of the worship community is doing,” Liscum said.

Prior to the album’s official release, the band produced three videos for the songs “Day of Atonement,” “Let Your Face Shine,” and “Sacrifice,” to give fans a glimpse of what was in store with this collection of new songs.


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