Los Angeles, CA. (September 4, 2019)
HillaryJane has released her debut single on DREAM Records titled “God of Always.” The track was produced by Joshua Zegan who has also worked with artists such as For All Seasons, Blanca, Landry Cantrell.

“God of Always” mixes a mid-tempo, fresh pop sound with a beautiful melodies.

Check it out here:

“God Of Always” is a deep but also really fun song. This is an honest look into my personal mind, and I think this is the mind of every believer. We can feel tangled up and we start to feel anxious when we’re supposed to have joy or choose sinful thoughts and desires when we should choose holiness. There is that war within us. There have been times in my life where I was afraid to reach out to God and say, “I need you” because I felt like maybe he’s not there, maybe he doesn’t care, or maybe he isn’t listening?” —HillaryJane

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