Fayetteville, AR (February 26, 2020)
NW Arkansas-based Christian hard rock band, Theody, is back with the release of its latest single, “The In Between.”

After years of writing, recording and touring, Theody shares an intimate look at what it really means to live as an artist and a believer in the power of creative expression. “’The In Between’ is some of my most vulnerable lyric art yet,” said vocalist and songwriter, Lauren Kinder. “The words poured out of my soul when I found myself in a sea of mixed emotions and anxiety.”


Since their start in 2013, Theody has told an intricate story of hope through honest music and authentic relationships. So far, the band has released two studio albums, an EP and several singles. “The In Between” is the trio’s sixth single release, paving the way for another full-length album later this year. “If this song was born only to help me process my emotions, then it was worth it,” said Kinder. “But I hope that it might resonate with whoever listens to it on a personal level as well.”

The band will follow the release with an accompanying music video, available everywhere Friday, February 28.

Visit: www.theodymusic.com

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