Nashville, TN (April 1, 2020)
Members of Grace Worship united separately last week to record a Home Edition of “Christ Be All,” the title track to the new EP that is set to release April 24 from Grace Worship/The Fuel Music.

“In light of a world that has suddenly become very isolated, Grace Worship still desires to be a family of worshipers that serve to unite the church to treasure Jesus. This ‘Home Edition’ of ‘Christ Be All’ is an effort to show that the church can still be one together, commune together, be creative together and love Jesus together, even amidst uncertain and lonely times. We pray that this video is an encouragement to people everywhere that Christ is for you, and His work in you is not done. For ‘Christ Be All,’ we are connecting with the historic and renowned words of Andrew Murray as we seek to have the worshiper understand through song that it is to our joy to ‘become nothing’ (Philippians 2:7) as Jesus did; to lose our lives so we can find them in Him.” —Kevin King

Watch the video here:

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