Los Angeles, CA (August 23, 2021)
The new releases just keep coming from DREAM Records pop worship group the Futures with the release of its newest single, “Alibi.” The group has released new songs almost every month this year in the lead up to their sophomore album, Hills & Horizons. The upbeat track has a powerful message wrapped up in catchy melodies. The song is available on all digital service providers.


We are all Barabbas. Imperfect, broken, guilty, all of the evidence pointing to a life sentence. Feet shuffling along the cold floor of the courthouse corridor as we approach judgement’s door, our accuser reaching forward. Before he even had a hand on the latch a loud crack interrupted. The gavel has fallen; the verdict announced. “Not guilty.” How could this be?! Before we ever stepped into the courtroom?! The evidence erased?! We didn’t even plead our case and you took our place?! There is kindness in His smile; His only response. We’ve been free ever since the day our guilt met face to face with undeserved grace. Savior, counselor, defender, freedom fighter, advocate. He’s all this to us and more.” —Songwriter Mark Evans writes.

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