Nashville, TN (January 21, 2022)
Futures, the Georgia-based (via Australia) group, aka the Aus-American blend ensemble, has released the video for “Hills + Horizons.” The title-track is the lead single from the January 7, 2022 release on DREAM Records.

“Hills + Horizons” Music Video:

Like many acts today, Futures spent much of their “down” time over the past few years writing and recording the 11-cut blend of pop-rock infused tunes. When the doors opened, the group went out and performed these songs at small art/coffee house spots across their home state to feel a connection with others. As the group’s leader Mark Evans states below, we have experienced an unprecedented time in our lifetime and the songs that grew out of this have a mix of emotions, themes, sounds and hope. The goal is to connect with people and hopefully provide an outlet of peace.

“Hills & Horizons speaks to the ups & downs, the lonely road & the in-betweens of life where we don’t get to see the whole picture. It connects on a personal level & at the same time, has been our shared human experience over the last 2 years. We believe the spirit of these songs breaks through depression, disappointment, discouragement & disillusion; literally changing not only how a person feels about their situation but how they see everything.” —Mark Evans, Futures.

The Hills & Horizons album has seen early playlist adds on Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian and Sing A New Song, Apple Music’s Risers, YouTube’s Christian Goes Pop, Pandora’s New Christian Music Now and more since its release on January 7, 2022. The title track “Hills & Horizons” has garnered over 100,000 streams across all platforms in its first week. The single has also seen early buzz at radio with its debut on PLAY MPE as the most streamed/downloaded song of the week.

The band members—Chloe Evans, Mark Evans, Danae Leslie and Ryan Rolls—had a hand in the treatment for the video that captures the muse of music and how it played a central role in every great awakening throughout history.

Spotify Album Playlist:

Hills & Horizons track listing:
1. Just So Good
2. Can’t Steal This Love
3. Hills & Horizons
4. Simple
5. Good Things
6. Alibi
7. Famous
8. Dandelion
9. Remedy
10. Dare To Believe
11. Good News

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