Belfast, IRE (July 10, 2019)
Following a string of single releases this year, Belfast singer/songwriter Foldinglights (a.k.a. Michael Peter Ball) is set to release his debut album, Subterranean Hum, on July 19th on UK indie Christian music label 7Core Music. Drawing influences from artists like Jon Foreman, Foy Vance and Glen Hansard, Subterranean Hum fuses both electronic and acoustic instruments, to create a diverse and unique landscape perfectly held together by a vulnerable heart with wide-open lyrics.

“This album was created as a complete story. It’s a snapshot of my faith from a child to now. This is as honest as I’ve ever been. I see Subterranean Hum as the natural next step from my EP Exiles. Exiles driven underground. Exiles waiting. Exiles with a voice not yet silenced.”
—Michael Peter Ball


Subterranean Hum
( 7Core Music)
Release date: 19th July 2019

Track Listing:
1 – Whispers
2 – Roses
3 – American Jesus
4 – Wading
5 – Sustained
6 – Emmaus
7 – Beauty Traded Places
8 – Perfect
9 – Wolf In Devil’s Clothing
10 – Allegories
11 – Consider
12 – Dear Exiles

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