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Belfast singer/songwriter Foldinglights (Michael Peter Ball) releases the third single “Roses” on Friday May 17th. It’s a stripped back acoustic guitar led track taken from his debut album Subterranean Hum, due out later this year.

‘The title is a shortened version of ‘Rosebud’ from Citizen Kane. If you’ve watched this movie then you’ll know it’s about man trying to find love and going about it in all the wrong ways. Everything is meaningless, unless we forfeit life to live. In the upside down world of Gods kingdom, when we give up everything we also gain everything. This is where we find our identity. This is where we find that love we so desperately crave. Your value is seen through Christ crucified. We no longer need to search for life among the dead things of earth. Life and resurrection power flows through our veins because of Jesus sacrifice. This is the story of Roses.’” —Michael Peter Ball

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