In the tradition of a brand-new movement of heavy attitude, instrumented by the likes of The Showdown and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, comes the rattlesnake-infested, downright dirty destruction that is I, Sleepwalker. I love this sound, because it is a bit off the overbeaten and overplayed path of recent trends in heavy music. This band, like its contemporaries, have discovered that rock & roll, while a serious endeavor, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take yourself seriously. The vocals are shouted and screamed but with melody, and the music is more fast like The Helicopters or Murder City Devils than it is blast beat and breakdown driven.

Don’t get me wrong: There are plenty of dance parts for kiddies to don their Bruce Lee moves to. But there is much more to this than just arm-swinging and demonstration of pit prowess. Take the keyboards, for instance. They provide a haunting element that hints at deeper emotional appeal. And don’t forget the great song titles, like “Let’s Step out Back and Settle this Like Men” or “Hey Baby Girl, Nice Shoes” or “Apocalypstick.”

So, get out your gallon jug, and let’s brew some sweet tea. Prepare to sweat on the front porch with the mosquitoes and gnats. And get geared up for some serious barbeque with some down-home Kentuckians who bring serious shotgun sounds to the backyard party. I, Sleepwalker’s new album, Snake River (which, ironically, was the working title of a previous Project 86 track a few years ago— one more reason I dig these guys) is now out on Harvest Earth. Find tour dates, journals, news and more at


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