This Swedish black metal band sounds like a jackhammer grinding into concrete on a hot New York afternoon, complete with the sounds of multi-car auto collisions. Granted, they aren’t the first to do this black metal sound and twist it heavenward (both an oxymoron and great entertainment), but I can say they do it quite well.

I love the theatrics of this band. You have to look past the gore and devastation to see that the point they make lies in extremes: the spiritual war is brutal at times, with many casualties, but results in ultimate victory. The price was paid in blood.

Why do I cover them, you ask? Well, I will tell you: Consider this an exercise in affirmative action. This is a genre in the minority, and I will venture to say there are at least a few of you out there lacking in good Swedish black metal made by men of faith. That said, I can say that these are no newcomers. With 10 years under their belts, these Cornerstone Festival vets are more than seasoned. You have to check out their MySpace pics: They are great—neither for the faint of heart, nor those lacking metal inclination.


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