Nashville, TN (January 26, 2022)
In January of last year the ministries of Compassion International, David C Cook, and Integrity Music announced the upcoming release of the FAITHFUL Project, a collaborative project encapsulating a book, music, and live events with the purpose of supporting efforts to release vulnerable girls from poverty around the world. The album, titled FAITHFUL: Go and Speak was released on April 30, 2021 and the FAITHFUL book was released May 1, 2021. The FAITHFUL Project came to life in the winter before the pandemic when a group of well-known and respected authors and songwriters gathered as a community to write and share songs. Their work came to be known as FAITHFUL, songs and stories of God’s kindness to women throughout history and here with us today.

This unprecedented collaboration between artists and authors has led to a stunning collection of poetry and resonance through song. Other artists involved on the album along with Amy Grant and Ellie Holcomb are Sandra McCracken, Ginny Owens, Leslie Jordan, Christy Nockels, Rachael Lampa, Kelly Minter, Sarah Macintosh, Savannah Locke, Sarah Kroger, Christa Wells, Ann Voskamp, Tamar Chipp, Jess Ray, Janice Gaines, Trilla Newbell and Taylor Leonhardt.

Now this collaboration has produced a brand new project, the FAITHFUL Podcast! The Word of God is filled with voices of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives and each of their stories shows us different sides of God’s love and faithfulness that is still true for us today. On the weekly FAITHFUL Podcast, you will hear poets, songwriters, authors, and storytellers dive into these ancient stories to learn more and share about their own stories in the process. FAITHFUL women lead the way to show other women that you have permission to create, live, and think creatively for yourself.


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