Los Angeles, CA (July 12, 2019)
Following the announcement of the signing to DREAM Worship, Oklahoma City worship band, Royal Company is proud to release the debut of their track, “Faithful Is Your Love.” A downtempo, powerful worship track with beautiful synthetic sounds and encouraging lyrics. Along with the release of the single, the group is performing it at the Nazarene Youth Conference in front of 9000 in Phoenix, AZ today. The group shares their heart behind the message of the song.

“Faithful Is Your Love is a reminder that, no matter where we are or what we face in life, God always shows up, and it is a declaration in our belief that He always will. It is a tribute to the fact that His love is and will forever be faithful.”
—Royal Company


“Faithful Is Your Love” Lyrics:

No power of Earth
Could make your heart fall away from me
I’ve run so far but still your chasing me….chasing me

Chorus 1
Faithful is your love
Faithful is your love
Perfection took my penalty
Faithful is your love

Verse 2
No veil could hide
My brokenness. You’re the God that sees
When waves are high, Your presence stays with me….stays with me

Chorus 2
Faithful is your love
Faithful is your love
You chose the cross to stand by me
Faithful is your love

Never failing hope
Overwhelming peace
Your love won’t let go
Jesus, you are the God that doesn’t leave
Jesus, you are the God that doesn’t leave

Chorus 3
Faithful is your love
Faithful is your love
Your blood was spilt to wash me clean
Faithful is your love

Faithful is your love 

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