Nashville, TN (October 7, 2022)
Christian country hip-hop artist Cypress Spring is proud to announce the release of his debut evangelical EP, Rebel Reborn, via Average Joes Entertainment. Kalan Miller takes the beloved Cypress sound and fuses it with elements of Christianity as he shares his testimony through hard-hitting bars. The EP includes a recently released title track “Rebel Reborn” as well as brand new singles “Interlude,” “Holy Living,” and “Lost Count.” Rebel Reborn is now available for download and stream on all digital platforms now.

Listen to ‘Rebel Reborn’ HERE:

“Cypress has changed and evolved over the past few years from the beginning to where we are right now,” shares Miller. “When you listen to the new music you will hear the evolution and the change that is taking place.”

Along with the release of his EP, Cypress Spring shares the official music video for “Out Here.” The music video draws inspiration from the story of Jesus and the fisherman. As a country boy, Cypress Spring undoubtedly enjoys fishing, but it is only as he puts his faith in God’s hands that he reaps the reward from a successful cast. Cypress, at a similar point in life as Simon when he first met the Messiah, is listening to God’s word and through salvation is becoming a fisher of men just as the disciples did in the biblical days.

‘Out Here’ Video:

Rebel Reborn Track List:
1. “Rebel Reborn”: Premiered by CCM Magazine
2. “Interlude”
3. “Out Here”: Premiered by The Hollywood Times
4. “Lost Count”
5. “Holy Living”

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