Nashville, TN (September 19, 2018)
CRC Music announces the global release of “Even I,” a brand new single off of their upcoming album Greater Than All, the second live album from the passionate, dynamic and diverse South African worship team of Christian Revival Church. Greater Than All is slated to release October 2, 2018.

“Even I” was recorded live in CRC Pretoria, South Africa, in front of 7000 multicultural and multigenerational worshippers on a night that can only be described as unforgettable. This single rides on the mushroom cloud, created by our debut live album, Explosion, that soared to the top of the South African iTunes charts for six weeks and reached #19 on the global gospel iTunes Charts. Songs like, Glorious Engagement, Found and Set Free quickly became popular requests on Christian radio stations.

Greater Than All, is the product of a collaboration among songwriters across CRC campuses, nationally and internationally. These songs are inspired and birthed from sermons by Ps At Boshoff, with one goal in mind, “To win the lost at any cost.” “Even I,” is a beautiful and ambient worship song that focuses on the magnitude of God and His grace for us.

“Even I was inspired by my struggle not only with my own failure and sin, but with that of this world as well. It’s so difficult to face the tragedies and evils of the world, and in ourselves, and still believe that God loves all of us, through all of it. The truth is; everyone falls short. No matter how hard we try to be perfect, there’s always the chance that we will fail. That’s the price of free will, and of real intimacy with God. It’s so important to focus on Him, and to remind ourselves of the magnitude of His love and His grace. We have to accept that grace, with humility.” —Elani Boshoff (Songwriter/Worship Leader)

We believe that music is a language that everyone speaks, and this album speaks love, the love of God, that is Greater Than All pain, suffering, challenges or setbacks that we may face. Our heart and our prayer are that these songs will impact and change people lives, not just today or tomorrow but for generations to come.

“Dear God, You are my light and my salvation, You are my hope. Help me be an instrument of Your love, and cause Your light to shine on others through our words and music. We love and thank You for the privilege of being called your sons and daughters. We dedicate these songs and this album to you, oh God.” —Ps Nyretta Boshoff (Visionary Pastor).

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